Trade Show Certification Level 1 Pre-test

* 1. Please type your name and email address. Please take your time in answering questions. Priority will be given to those registrants with three or less incorrect answers. 

* 2. Are you currently or have you ever been a certified archery instructor?

* 3. The 3 lines used for safety and control on the archery range are? Type the names of the 3 lines. Worth three points

* 4. On an archery range, a "target line":

* 5. Match the following whistle commands with the correct number of whistles.

  One blast Two blasts Three blasts Four or more blasts
Get Bows
Go Get Arrows
Emergency- stop what you are doing

* 6. When explaining archery range rules and procedures:

* 7. Which of the following is NOT a standard archery range rule:

* 8. What happens if you dry-fire a bow?

* 9. After an archer has shot all of their arrows, they should immediately:

* 10. Before blowing the whistle one time to begin shooting, make sure that:

* 11. Arrow curtains:

* 12. When returning from the target, the archers should carry the arrows:

* 13. When preparing for the first shots by students;

* 14. When pulling arrows, the archers should:

* 15. When teaching new archers proper shooting technique:

* 16. How do you modify the range to accomodate for archers at various skill levels?

* 17. A good training aid for practicing shooting drills may include:

* 18. For beginning archers, USA Archery recommends that it is generally easier to have them learn to shoot with their dominant side or hand.

* 19. Which technique is used for checking eye dominance:

* 20. The safety orientation class should be taught in the following order:

* 21. When teaching new archers their first shot, the instructor should stand:

* 22. When watching a new archer shoot their first arrow, watch for:

* 23. What is the best target for a new archer to learn correct form?

* 24. When nocking an arrow:

* 25. When setting your string hand on the string of the bow, the first 3 fingers of the draw hand should be set on the string so that the string runs across the:

* 26. When using the "3-fingers under" hook, the recommended anchor for a beginning archer is:

* 27. Archery games should be designed to teach archers:

* 28. When introducing scoring and games teach the archers to:

* 29. When providing verbal feedback to an archer:

* 30. You can easily adjust the draw weight of a universal draw compound bow by:

* 31. Some basic parts of a bow include:

* 32. How familiar are you with simple equipment repair (like replacing nocks and vanes on arrows, replacing nocks on bows, etc.)?

* 33. Please briefly describe any other experience you have with archery (like your own shooting or hunting, other equipment you are familiar with, etc.).

* 34. Please tell us your preference for Level 1 certification class dates and times.
The cost for this course is $30.00. We will contact you for payment within 2-3 business days.
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