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* 1. To what degree have the concerns that brought you to Counseling and Psychological Services been resolved?

  Not at all resolved Somewhat resolved Completely resolved

* 2. What was helpful for you or helped you improve during your counseling?

  Not at all helpful Moderately helpful Extremely helpful
a. My counselor seemed to really care about me.
b. My counselor gave me support and reassurance.
c. The opportunity to talk to a neutral person.
d. Getting insight into the causes of my problems & behaviors.
e. My counselor understood my feelings.
f. Developing a greater understanding of myself.
g. Gaining more confidence in myself and my abilities.
h. My willingness and openness to change.
i. My effort and hard work in counseling.

* 3. What was unhelpful or problematic for you during your counseling?

  Not at all problematic Somewhat problematic Extremely problematic
a. I felt pressured by my counselor to think or act in a certain way.
b. I wish the sessions had been longer.
c. I felt disapproved of or criticized by my counselor.
d. I felt uncomfortable with the silences.
e. I needed more guidance on what to talk about.
f. I didn't like the things my counselor wanted to focus on.
g. I wish my counselor had been a different type of person (e.g. gender, race, sexual orientation, religion).
h. I wanted more sessions with my counselor.
i. I wanted a different type of counseling service.
j. The reception area feels private and comfortable.
k. There is no receptionist available to greet me when I arrived for my appointment.
l. I found it difficult to navigate the phone system for CaPS when I called.

* 4. Did you feel that your counselor helped you and was accepting of you?

* 5. Has counseling helped you stay in school?

* 6. Has counseling helped with your academic performance?

* 7. How would you rate the ease of scheduling your first appointment?

* 8. Would you return in the future to this counseling center if your current issue or another issue arose?

* 9. Would you recommend Counseling and Psychological Services to others?

* 10. How many sessions have you had this school year?

* 11. Additional Comments (optional)

* 12. Counselor's name (optional)

* 13. Your name (optional)