Placemaking: Chattanooga as Text

Summer 2017 Social Entrepreneurship Course

“Placemaking: Chattanooga as Text”

Are you a self-starter, “out-of-the-box" thinker who possesses intellectual maturity and is motivated by real world experiences?  “Chattanooga as Text” (CAT) is a 3-week, one credit summer course developed by Girls Preparatory School with the purpose of teaching local young women how to actively engage with their community to make positive change.  The traditional classroom learning experience - while great for some students - may not address individual learning styles or showcase authentic talents and abilities.  Chattanooga as Text seeks to develop the inherent strengths of the participants through a combination of inter-disciplinary classroom instruction, an interactive introduction to Chattanooga through a historical and scientific lens and a culminating group project that addresses a current social issue of our city. There is no charge to students for this course; it is 100% scholarship-based.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Preferred name

* 4. Home Address

* 5. City

* 6. State

* 7. Zip

* 8. Phone Number

* 9. E-mail

* 10. School Attending

* 11. What grade will you be entering in Fall 2017?

* 12. School/Community Activities
-List in order of importance
-Include name of club/team, organization
- Explain involvement including specific duties, length of time

* 13. Narrative Biographical Sketch: Tell us your story: what makes you who you are? Answer may include, but is not limited to: What is important to you? How does your combination of talents make you different? What dreams do you have for your future? What obstacles (if any) have you overcome? 

Describe a time when you performed at your best.

* 15. What is your personal communication style?

* 16. How do you define a leader?

* 17. What are the characteristics of a great team player?

* 18. Who is the most powerful, influential woman you know?  Why?

* 19. Define self-esteem.

* 20. How do you de-stress?

* 21. List two expectations you have related to the CAT program.

* 22. What do you hope to gain through participation in the CAT program?

Your application will be reviewed by a committee and all applicants will be notified by May 26, 2017 of the status of their application. Every Placemaking student receives a full scholarship but must attend and fully participate in all 3 weeks of the course. Chattanooga as Text will change the way you see yourself and your world!