Macon County is conducting a study of the fire protection service to evaluate the effectiveness of, identify any major challenges to, and plan for the future of our system. Please help us by answering the following questions. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Effective Response Force:

For 90% of all moderate risk structure fires, an effective response force of at least fifteen(15) trained firefighters should arrive within 22 minutes 2 seconds (22.02) total response time. The effective response force will be capable of establishing a water supply, advancing a fire attack line and a back-up line for safe control, rapid intervention, forcible entry, utility control, victim search and rescue, evacuation, ventilation, and exposure protection within departmental protocols.

* 1. Where is your department’s demonstrated performance with this level of service statement currently?

* 2. Where would you forecast your department’s performance against the same level of service statement in 5-7 years?

* 3. What is the biggest challenge you face as a volunteer firefighter?

* 4. What would provide you more encouragement to remain a volunteer firefighter?

* 5. Describe any changes in general you think need to be made to the fire protection system in Macon County to prepare us for the challenges of the future.

* 6. Describe the demands for service placed on fire departments.

* 7. Please describe one particular issue or challenge that you would like brought to our attention, and indicate any possible solutions to the challenge.