January 8-17, 2012

The HUC-JIR Council of Alumni Associations is pleased to invite you to participate in a very special opportunity. The Alumni Council is partnering with Germany Close Up to provide a ten-day program January 8-17, 2012 in Germany, designed especially for HUC alumni up to age 35. Participants who observe kashrut and Shabbat can fully participate in GCU trips.

Established in October 2007, Germany Close Up – American Jews Meet Modern Germany is an initiative created to enrich transatlantic dialogue and provide Jewish American students and young professionals in their twenties and early thirties with an opportunity to experience modern Germany up close and personally. The purpose of the program is to allow participants to develop their own perspective on Germany through their individual experiences. A generous government scholarship (a part of the ERP Special Assets of the German Ministry for Economics and Technology) covers more than two-thirds of participation costs, leaving a participation fee of $920 per participant. Although it receives government funding, Germany Close Up is an independent organization with control over the content of its programs.

Trips are designed to expose participants to myriad aspects of modern Germany, addressing both Germany’s past and present. Every GCU trip includes a number of activities, tours and meetings. Groups meet with German government officials and opinion makers from across the political spectrum, from academic life, from grassroots movements and from peer groups. All trips address Germany’s past and its continuing efforts to address the memory of the Holocaust and Nazi terror. They also consider Germany’s transformation over the last 60 years into a unified, modern and democratic country in the heart of the European Union, home to the third-fastest growing Jewish community in the world.

Participants will experience Berlin’s vibrant multicultural life, encounter the thriving Jewish community of Germany, and visit the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and sites in the former East Germany, as well as other key historical and cultural sites. The program will address the following issues:

 Berlin and united Germany
 The Holocaust and the Nazi Era, including a visit to a former Concentration Camp
 German-American relations
 Jewish Berlin, past and present
 German-Israeli relations
 Speyer, Worms and Heidelberg – the cradle of Ashkenazi Judaism

Each participant is responsible for booking their roundtrip economy class airline ticket to Berlin. Participants should arrive by noon on January 8, 2001. Hotel rooms will be available beginning January 7. Departure is anytime January 17.

Participants will receive reimbursement from Germany Close Up for their plane ticket less the $920 participation fee. Maximum reimbursement is $1300 for flights from NYC and DC, $1450 for flights from all other destinations. Reimbursement will be made after the trip upon completion of a post-trip evaluation form and can take up to two months.

Germany Close Up covers the following expenses: hotel accommodations in double and triple rooms, most meals, transportation within Germany, admission fees and event tickets. Tipping (roughly $75) is not included.

To indicate your interest in participating, please scroll down for a preliminary application form. The completed form should be sent via email to Joy Wasserman, National Director of Alumni Engagement by Friday, July 15 to receive a full application.
Please click next to fill out a short preliminary application.