Mining Industry Survey

What is a comprehensive plan?

Its the plan document that dictates public policy in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, housing, and other issues important to the community. A comprehensive plan typically encompasses a jurisdictional area such as a city, county, or borough; it covers a broad range of topics over a long-term time horizon such as 20 or 30 years. In many States, comprehensive plans are required in order for community's to exercise certain powers, such as land use planning and zoning.

Why do we need a comprehensive plan?

There are many reasons for creating a comprehensive plan, below are just a few examples:

1. It's Required! Alaska Statutes require land use management for certain types of governments, in the case of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, second class boroughs are required to address land use and platting regulations. In order to have zoning or land use regulations, a comprehensive plan is needed.

2. Envisioning the future! The concept of a comprehensive plan is closely related to the economic prosperity of a community. A comprehensive plan is a planning tool for envisioning the future growth of a community. One of the most important aspects of a comprehensive plan is in addressing the constant change and evolution of a community. Comprehensive plans are often called land use plans; land use planning is an important part of a comprehensive plan, addressing land use issues associated with implementation tools and review processes specifically related to land use changes. In addition, comprehensive plans are used to envision other aspects of the community such as infrastructure, natural resource management, public health and safety, etc.

3. What is important? The comprehensive plan also provides information on what is important to a community. Some examples could be the history and culture of the community, affordable housing, senior housing, education, recreation, public art, etc.

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* 1. What is the most important aspect of the mining industry within the Borough and why?

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* 2. When you think about the current state of the mining industry in the Borough, what are the strong points?

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* 3. When you think about the current state of the mining industry in the Borough, what are the weak points?

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* 4. What are the driving forces that could affect the mining industry in the Borough over the next 20 years?

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* 5. 20 years from now, if you had to choose one characteristic to describe the mining industry in the Borough, what would it be?