In September 2020, the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) launched the Rural Connectivity Task Force (RCTF) to research the technical and regulatory barriers to good rural connectivity, identify policy solutions, and advocate for change.

After extensive research and many meetings with key industry experts, the RCTF has found that although Canada was once a leader in delivering communications services, we are falling behind other nations in providing cellular and internet services to all areas.

Connectivity impacts the work, education, health and safety, and overall quality of life of rural residents.

Without good connectivity, rural communities cannot compete with their urban neighbours and risk losing their most important resource: people. In Saskatchewan, where industries like agriculture drive the economy, maintaining and building our vibrant rural communities is crucial.

By adding your name you are letting the government know that you support the work of the RCTF, and that your community needs high-speed internet. 

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