* 1. Do you currently have a child care contract from CYFD?

* 2. Do you have difficulty affording the cost of childcare or your copay?

* 3. How long is your contract?

* 4. Does your contract include hours for commuting and/or studying?

* 5. Have you ever applied for a contract and been denied?

* 6. If you were denied a contract for reasons other than the ones listed above, please explain the reason:

* 7. Have you ever experienced difficulty getting a contract?
For example: Has your caseworker cancelled appointments, or not returned phone calls?
Have you had trouble getting clear information or answers from staff?
Have you been disrespected or made to feel badly about needing assistance?
Please explain any issues you have had with CYFD while trying to get childcare assitance.

* 8. The OLE Working Parents association is fighting to expand access to early childhood education and to make it more affordable for families.  Our members are also working to make sure that CYFD respects the rights of parents.  If you want to know more about your rights or have questions about them please fill in your contact information and an organizer will get back to you.