Required Information for US House Committee Setup

Please fill out the following few questions.  This will allow us to prepare a custom solution for your campaign's needs and have you up and running in a matter of days.

* 1. What is the preferred name and address of the Committee?

* 2. What is the name and contact info for the treasurer?  (We need this info in order to contact the treasurer to complete the FEC and IRS paperwork)

* 3. We will be opening a bank account at Wells Fargo for deposits, if you have a preferred local bank for disbursements please indicate here, and we will reach out to get the necessary paperwork.

* 4. If you expect to receive contributions via credit cards, which is your preferred method of collection?

* 5. Will you be hiring paid staff?   If so, please indicate the number expected to be on payroll?

* 6. How do you prefer to handle expense reimbursements?

* 7. Regarding your office setup: