The purpose of this quick survey is to understand what is the need for a "TFS Change Language" tool for TFS 2008.
This tool currently allows users of TFS 2005 to change the language of their English TFS to any of the other released languages.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Aldo Donetti
Globalization PM - Developer Division


* 1. What version of TFS are you currently using?

* 2. What language of TFS are you using?

* 3. Have you ever used the "TFS 2005 Change Language" tool in the past?

* 4. What is your need for the "TFS 2008 Change Language" tool?

  I will need it for sure I might need it I don't need it
please rate ...

* 5. How bad would it be if you DID NOT have the "TFS 2008 Change Language" tool?

  Very bad So so Not bad at all
please rate ...

* 6. If you rated you need the "TFS 2008 Change Language" tool, what would be the effect of NOT having it?

* 7. What language of TFS will you be moving to?

* 8. If you have other comments, please write them here...

Thank you!