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* 1. Which CMS is your library using?

* 2. When did your library's website migrate to the open source CMS currently in use?

* 3. Which products/services did your library consider when choosing a CMS? Why did you choose the open source CMS that you did? What were the factors that contributed to this system being chosen instead of others that you considered?

* 4. What do you believe is the role of the public library website? What functionality is essential?

* 5. What advantages does your current CMS-powered website offer that your previous website was unable to provide?

* 6. What has been the response from your users? Do you feel the new website was received well by the community that you serve? Were any members unhappy about the change? Have you noticed any general changes in attitude over time since the installation of your open source CMS?

* 7. Are you using your CMS to allow non-technical staff to create content?

* 8. If you answered yes to the previous question, what has been the attitude of staff regarding the creation of content? Have they had generally positive reactions or negative reactions? What opportunities or challenges have arisen for staff as a result of using a CMS?

* 9. If you were choosing a CMS again would you still make the same choice? If not, what you do differently this time?

* 10. Do you feel the CMS at your library has met all the expectations that you had before making the change? In what ways has the system met or exceeded expectations? In what ways has the system failed to live up to them?