The Welsh Government have issued a consultation on ‘Realising the potential of pre-planning discussion’, to which the RSAW will respond, taking into account your views..

The response from the RSAW to the Welsh Government will therefore represent the views of Chartered Architects who have delivered projects across Wales, and have experience of the planning system.

Below follows a series of short questions which will help us prepare the RSAW response. If you could complete these questions, it would be most helpful. All your answers will be treated in complete confidence.

Thank you for participating in this questionnaire on design and planning.

* 1. Please enter your details:

* 2. In what Local Authority are you based(tick all that apply)?

* 3. In what Local Authority do you currently have work (tick all that apply)?

* 4. Do you think the current planning system in Wales is encouraging good quality development?

* 5. What measures do you think could improve the planning system with the Local Authorities or National Parks that you work with?

* 6. What measures do you think the Local Authorities or National Parks are likely to implement to improve the planning system?

* 7. Are you aware of the Local Development Plan in your area?

* 8. In your opinion, can Local Authorities or National Parks improve the planning process?

* 9. Please can you share a positive experience of the planning process in Wales?

* 10. What do you find is the biggest planning policy obstacle for good design?

* 11. Do you currently have any pre-application discussions on your current projects?

* 12. Do you think pre-application discussions are useful?

* 13. Some Welsh architects have been invited into Local Authorities or the National Parks and talked to planners about the design/planning process from the architect’s point of view. Have you ever done this?