Warwick Chamber of Commerce strives to promote and facilitate the growth of member businesses in our community.
Studies have shown that $1 spent in a local community translates to over $4 of economic benefit to that local community.
These findings underline the importance of the ‘Buy Local’ movement, particularly for a regional community such as Warwick and surrounds. It is in the interests of ALL businesses to be a leader in this area, and as such the WCoC is undertaking a survey to explore what challenges / roadblocks you have experienced to using local services / products. Please be honest in your answers, as your responses will be a valuable tool in creating opportunities for your local business community.

Examples of Products and Services: Electrical, Plumber, Builder, Solicitor, Accounting Services, Banking/Finance, Landscaping, Health, Administration, Employment Services, Food & Drink, Packaging, Toiletry & Cleaning Product, Retail, Health, Automotive/Mechanical.

* 1. Which of the above products / services have you engaged / purchased from a business OUTSIDE of Warwick over the last 12 months?

* 2. What was the primary reason for not using a local business for these services / products? (you may choose more than one)

* 3. If you answered "Particular product/service not available locally" to Q2 which product/service? Do you think this is an opportunity for local business in Warwick?

* 4. If you answered "Unhappy with previous dealings with local supplier" which product/service and why? (Your details are confidential.)

* 5. What do you think businesses in Warwick can do to encourage more people to buy local?

* 6. Would you consent to a representative from the WCoC contacting you for further information, with a view to providing you with opportunities to use local suppliers and subsequently ensuring your money stays within the Warwick community, where possible?

* 7. If yes to Q6 above, please provide your best contact details.

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