1. Investigation of adoption factors affecting intent to use social media within virtual project teams

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Introduction to this survey

(A) Purpose and Objectives:

The purpose of this research project is to examine the adoption factors of social media in virtual project teams. This survey is part of my MBA dissertation at Henley Business School.

The survey is designed to understand and help predict the factors that encourage acceptance of social media tools in a virtual project environment.

Given a lack of empirical research in terms of project management and social media and virtual teams and the growth of both virtual teams and the use of social media internally within organisations, a greater understanding of the adoption factors is important to the field of project management. Survey results will be available to you once you compelte the survey.

The questionnaire will take under 10 minutes to complete and I really appreciate your help in contributing to the success of this study.

(B) Eligibility to answer the Survey:

If you are a member of a project team (regardless of position) which primarily work over time, distance and organizational boundaries and primarily use technology to facilitate their primary communication needs, you qualify to answer this survey.

(C) Voluntary Participation:

Your participation in this research is completely voluntary.

(D) Anonymity and Confidentiality:

Your confidentiality and the confidentiality of the data will be ensured as the survey is completely anonymous and IP address is not captured.

(E) Dissemination of Results:

It is anticipated that the results of this study will be shared with others in the following ways: 1) directly to participants if they request it, 2) potential presentations , 3) For use in the authors MBA dissertation with the Henley Business School

(F) Disposal of Data:

Data from this study will be disposed of by deleting all electronic data, within five years of data collection.

(G) Contact details:

Please contact me at Jerry_Giltenane@hotmail.com for any further information on this survey or to request a copy of the results.