If you participated in the 7th Organic Seed Growers Conference, please take a moment to complete this survey. Please also consider taking the time to provide detailed answers, as your feedback will be used to plan future events to meet your needs. Many thanks.

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* 5. If you are a seed producer, how long have you been producing seed?

* 6. What seed crops do you produce?

* 7. Which presentations/panel sessions did you find particularly pertinent to your work? Please elaborate.

* 8. At future conferences, what topics would you like to have covered?

* 9. What do you feel are the most essential factors in improving organic seed quality and availability? What are your challenges in this regard?

* 10. In the future, what type of seed field days, workshops, or other educational programs would assist you?

* 11. What seed research would serve you? What are the important traits that organic plant breeders should be breeding for?

* 12. Please rate:

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Quality of sessions
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* 13. Where do you think the next conference should be held (city, state, or region)? Do you feel the conference should stay in the PNW or should it take place in other regions biennially?

* 14. Did you participate in the pre-conference tour ? Do you have other pre-conference activities you'd like to see at future conferences?

* 15. Do you find the conference proceedings helpful? Would you prefer to access them digitally only or do you prefer the physical copy included in your conference bag?

* 16. Other conference feedback?