Description of This Survey

This survey is aimed at young Christians (age 18-35) who are either now involved in a non-traditional form of church (House Church for example), or those who have been involved in non-traditional forms of church but are now moving or have moved to a more traditional form of church (an established church with a building to hold regular meetings, a staff, programs, a denominational affiliation, etc.).

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. How many years were you involved in House Church?

* 3. How long have you been a Christian?

* 4. If you are currently not involved in a House Church (Organic Church, Simple Church, Micro Church), how long has it been since you left the House Church?

* 5. Which answer below best describes your current situation:

* 6. How often do you attend activities or meetings in your current church?

* 7. Besides attending the weekly worship service, what other involvement do you have in your church?

* 8. Comparing your current church experience with your past House Church experience, are you more or less involved in your current church?

* 9. If you are no longer involved in House Church, what factors influenced you to change your church setting? (pick all that apply)

* 10. If you have left the House Church, do you think you would ever go back to a House Church environment in the future? (not necessarily your parents' House Church)