1. Patterson Library User Survey

Please answer the following questions to help us better serve you!

* 1. How old are you?

* 2. Which of the following types of materials or equipment do you wish the library had more of? Mark all that apply.

* 3. During the past year, how many times have you gone to a book store to browse or purchase books?

* 4. During the past year, how many times have you bought books over the internet?

* 5. How often on average do you use Patterson Library?

* 6. Please tell us what factors if any keep you from visiting the library. Mark all that apply.

* 7. How would you evaluate this library’s services in the following areas:

  Don't Know Very Unsatisfactory Unsatisfactory Neutral Good Very Good
Overall Collections
Hours of Operation
Ease of Requesting Materials from Other Libraries
Helpfulness of Staff
Ease in Locating Library Materials
Nonfiction Book Collection
Fiction Book Collection
DVD Collection
Audio Book Collection
Art Gallery Exhibitions
Music Collection
Adult Programs
Childrens Programs
Ease of Online Database Access
Number of Public Computers
Quality of Computers and Software
Printing/Copying/Fax Services

* 8. Which of the following are your main reason(s) for visiting Patterson Library? Mark all that apply.

* 9. Where would you like to see Patterson Library funding invested? Please rate each of the following in terms of their importance to you as a library user.

  Not At All Important Not as Important as Other Things Neutral Important Very Important
More Staff and Longer Hours
New Books
New Audio Books
New DVDs
Computers and Software
Faster Internet Speeds
Special Guests (example: Music Concerts)
Program Supplies (example: Craft Supplies for Childrens Programs)

* 10. Do you have any suggestions for ways we can improve our programs or services?