Striking a Balance Survey

* 2. Do you think that you will be able to advance as far as you would like prior to retirement? (Please choose the option that you like the best.)

* 3. What law librarianship career path are you most closely associated with and what is the highest position you have held?

* 4. Do you have a spouse/partner with career concerns to balance?

* 5. Are you caring for children under 18 years?

* 6. Are you limited by personal commitments on where you live geographically?

* 7. Do you agree/disagree/somewhat agree with this statement?: “My employer encourages work-life balance initiatives.”

* 8. If you do not unreservedly agree with Q7, will you identify a reason or reasons (list) that stand in the way of your work/life balance?

* 9. Do you agree/disagree/somewhat agree with this statement?: “Law librarianship is a profession in which I feel work-life balance is easy to achieve.”

* 10. If you agree with Q9, please type in Agree, but if you do not wholeheartedly agree with Q9, will you suggest ways your employer ought to encourage work-life balance?