MedTech Boston Initiative: Bringing together investors with inventors & early stage companies

Thank you for participating in this survey!

MedTech Boston has enjoyed being at the forefront of building communities in healthcare innovation for the last 5 years. During that time, we've heard from many of you--that there needs to be a better way for inventors and early stage companies to find the funding they need. If we can fix that, we can get on to the good stuff--building real solutions for patients.

MedTech Boston is in the planning phases of launching a new initiative to do this--a networking and membership organization that will include regular live events, educational panels and sessions, a dedicated digital community, and a tailored and continuously updated database of investors and their prospectus of what they are actively investing in.

We appreciate you filling out this short survey to help us find solutions for you and make the community stronger.

* 1. Which of the following most closely describes you or your company?

* 2. Click all the following that apply to your idea or company

* 3. How are you currently identifying funding opportunities for your idea or company?

* 4. In the previous question if you stated that you use databases, attend conferences or events, or use incubators/accelerators, please describe which ones.

* 5. MedTech Boston is planning to launch a networking and membership organization that will bring inventors and entrepreneurs in the healthcare space together with investors in order to facilitate innovation, commercialization and growth. Membership in this organization would give you primarily the following two benefits:
  1. Access to an online platform where you can search a directory of investors and contact any of these investors directly from the platform for advice or to solicit investment in your company.
  2. Regular meetings in cities across the United States where you can meet with investors in person. You would be guaranteed at least four face-to-face meetings with investors at each meeting.
How valuable would you find membership in such an organization?

* 6. How much would you pay annually for membership in an organization like this?

* 7. How much would you pay annually just for access to the online platform for finding and contacting investors, without access to attend the meetings?