Please fill out this form for pre-registering/registering for JohnCon '11 online.

Please mail payment-- in form of cash, please-- to

Mattin Suite 210
Johns Hopkins University
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218

If you are a student at Hopkins, there is no need to mail in your money. Simply deliver the money in an envelope marked--
Mattin Suite 210
--to Mattin 210 and we'll be able to get it without you wasting money on postage.

* 1. NAME:

* 2. Desired Badge Name (optional)

* 3. Hopkins Graduation Year (to be displayed on your badge)(optional and if applicable)

* 4. Additional Names and Badge Names (if doing a group registration)

* 5. Contact Email Address:

* 6. Contact Phone/Mobile Number:

* 7. Number of Badges Purchased

* 8. Amount Enclosed:

Registration Rates

Pre-registration active until March 27th 11:59pm

Single Entrant
$10 for entire weekend
$12 at the door for the entire weekend
$5 per individual day (both at the door and pre-registration)

Group Entry (10 people or more)
$7 per person for weekend
$9 per person at the door for weekend
$3 per person per individual day (both at the door and pre-registration)