Thanks for taking the time to take my survey! The survey is open to any athlete that registered for CF games open sectionals 2011 (whether or not you completed all workouts.) I hope to use the survey in writing an article (that may or may not be published). Please identify if I have permission to quote you by name in the article. Any questions contact me at Thank you for your time.

* 1. Demographics: (optional)

* 2. Choose all that apply:

* 3. Did you complete (attempted and entered a score) all workouts in CF games open sectionals 2011?

* 4. Why did you/didn't you complete all workouts??

* 5. If you didn't complete all workouts what would have made you complete all of them?

* 6. What answer best describes why you competed in the open sectionals?

* 7. What did you take away from the experience participating in open sectionals?

* 8. What do you think open sectionals accomplished (in your local CF Community and the greater CF community), besides qualifying athletes for regional competition?

* 9. Will you compete in open sectionals in 2012, why or why not?