1. Award Description

Young people are the future leaders of our game and the wider community. The Young Person of the Year Award recognises and celebrates the positive contribution of young people to the game of rugby league and the wider community.

The nominee must be associated with Rugby League. This can include:
  • Volunteering at their local community rugby league club
  • A participant in a rugby league community program (NRL, NRL Club, State or Affiliated League)
  •  A participant in a local rugby league school competition or program

Nominees must be born between the years 1997 – 2009


Presented to a young person (Aged 12 – 24) who has demonstrated a commitment to advancing the NRL’s mission of using rugby league to bring people together to enrich their lives.

The nominees must have demonstrated through their volunteer work the NRL’s beliefs of:
  • Inclusive: This may include but not limited to engaging and empowering everyone to feel welcome in our game; reaching out to new participants and supporters; promoting equality of opportunity in all its forms; respecting and celebrating diversity in culture, gender, sexuality and social background.
  • Positive: This may include but not limited to the ability to see opportunities in the face of adversity; the willingness to stand up for our beliefs and empowering others to do the same; the commitment to stand up and be recognised as a rugby league ambassador; the tenacity to do something despite how hard it is or how long it takes to achieve.
  • United: This may include but not limited to recognising and respecting our differences in the pursuit of achieving a common goal; putting the game ahead of individual needs and personal agenda; be a source of motivation and support to those around me; commitment to a culture of respect, honesty, and trust.
  • Disciplined: This may include but not limited to demonstrating excellence in service to their community by advocating for procedures and the governing principles of the game.
The nominee is an inspirational role model to rugby league and wider community

The award criteria’s focus is primarily on the nominee's contribution in 2021, demonstrated through your responses to the following questions.
Nominations close Friday 25 June 2021!

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