* 1. Type of work your firm primarily performs (choose one):

* 2. How many years has your firm been in business?

* 3. Is your firm a concessionaire at BWI Marshall?

* 4. Is your firm at least 51% owned and controlled by a racial/ethnic minority and/or female?

* 5. Is your firm a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE)?

* 6. Is your firm a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)?

* 7. Is your firm a certified Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE)?

* 8. If your firm is a certified ACDBE, have you ever been asked to provide a quote to perform work or participate as a concessionaire at BWI Marshall?

* 9. Have you ever solicited a minority- or woman-owned business to work with you as a contractor, subcontractor, concessionaire, and/or sub-concessionaire at BWI Marshall when there was no DBE or ACDBE goal?

* 10. In your experience, have any of the following factors negatively impacted your firm’s ability to do business in the Maryland marketplace? (Check all that apply.)

* 11. Have you ever been treated less favorably due to race, ethnicity and/or gender while participating or attempting to participate in business dealings within the Maryland marketplace?

* 12. If YES to question 11, choose all types of business dealings in which you have felt less favorably treated.

* 13. In response to question 11, to the extent you feel comfortable sharing such experiences, please provide details regarding any business dealings in which you were treated less favorably due to race, ethnicity and/or gender.

* 14. The current MAA ACDBE Participation Goals for federal fiscal years (FFYs) 2015 through 2017 are 2.19% for Car Rental Concessions and 43.15% for all Other (Non-Car Rental) Concessions.  Do you think these are fair goals for disadvantaged business participation?

* 15. In response to question 14, please explain why or why not?  (For example, explain whether you think the current goals reflect the existing availability of minority businesses that provide the airport concession goods and services sought by BWI Marshall.)

* 16. Do you think the current goals should be adjusted?

* 17. In response to question 16, describe why you think the current goals should be lower/higher/remain the same as indicated above.

* 18. Do you have any data or evidence to support your position? If yes, please briefly describe data/evidence.

* 19. Please provide any other input you or your firm has regarding airport concessions and/or the ACDBE Program.

* 20. Please list any minority-focused media (including trade association publications) that you would you like to see used to disseminate DBE and ACDBE related notices and other information.

Note: To request additional information and/or a meeting with MDOT/MAA representatives to discuss ACDBE goals or the survey, contact Tracie Watkins Rhodes at trhodes@mdot.state.md.us.

* 21.