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Connecticut is among a number of states considering the possibility of a vaccine passport/validation system - perhaps a QR code that could be pulled up on a smartphone or a paper document to be carried with you -  which would indicate that an individual has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

It could be used if getting vaccinated is to be a condition for entry to certain events or businesses, such as concerts, restaurants, or other venues or businesses. 

CRMA has been asked by state officials to gather information and opinions among retailers. 

Please respond to these questions, as soon as possible.

Question Title

* 1. Would your business use a vaccine passport/validation to determine entry to your business?

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* 2. Do you think, overall, that a passport/validation system would be beneficial and help bring us closer to “normal” sooner?

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* 3. If there were to be such a system, should it be coordinated by the State of Connecticut, or private industry?

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* 4. If such a system were to be instituted, would it be workable for your business?

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* 5. If such a system was devised, should its use be mandatory or optional?

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* 6. Do you believe this concept should be instituted, or not?

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