Hello, these questions are being used to research new trends and opinions in the way society and individuals view human relationships in love and partnership. This will help to determine an audience for an upcoming project, and any and all help is greatly appreciated. Please answer all questions truthfully, and in as much detail as possible. Also, think about why you feel the way you do as you answer.

1. The structure of human relationships (in love and partnership) has gone through many changes in recent decades. For example, legalizing gay marriage, the increased rates in cohabitation, having children out of wedlock, gender blurring or gender reversing in the 'american' marriage and western gender roles, waiting to get married until later in life, or not at all, swingers, open marriages, etc.

How do you feel about these new changes? Do you welcome them or shun them? Please explain your answers.

2. When you hear of a married couple that are active 'swingers', what is your initial reaction?

3. Have you experienced divorce between your parents?

4. Did you grow up in a sheltered environment (as in, you never were around lifestyle choices that were different from your own, such as gay/lesbianism, cohabitation without marriage, or the woman bringing in the bulk of the household income)?

5. How do you feel about feminism, and the push for equality between men and women?

6. Do you believe in 'true love', 'soul mates', or 'the one'?

7. If a woman gets pregnant out of wedlock, should she marry the father as soon as possible, for the sake of the baby?

8. What is your stance on gay marriage?

9. Why do you believe what you do in regards to human sexuality and the modern state of human relationships, love, and partnership? Do you think you were influenced by your surroundings (parents, school, environment), is it rooted in your religion (or lack thereof), or do you feel that these morals are more biologically based? Please explain in as much detail as possible.

10. please describe yourself: (select all that apply)