1. Another Version of the Truth: The Gift LA Screening

This is a short survey to get an idea of how many people would be interested attending a screening in LA (to get an idea for theater size). This is NOT the final list for attendance. However, please put down your name and email so we can contact you when dates/location/ticketing information is available.

There may be a Q&A/a party/whatever else (?) with the screening, so it will definitely be something to look forward to. :D

Any questions/inquiries/ideas/want to help? - send an email to Alex at gamble@stanford.edu.

* 1. Will you attend a screening of The Gift Blu-Ray disc in LA?

* 2. How many guests would you like to bring with you?

* 3. What month would be best for you to attend?

* 4. What night of the week would be best for you to attend?

* 5. Would you be willing to drive to Orange County if it was a nicer, bigger theater?

* 6. What is your name (or name that you want to be contacted by for reserving seats in the future)?

* 7. What is your email?

* 8. Do you have any other comments/theater or area suggestions/a funny joke?