The Sophomore Success Program is dedicated to assisting students through the transition from the freshman to sophomore years by supporting academic success, promoting major and career exploration, and encouraging campus and community connectedness through specific programming and events.

* 1. Have you heard of the Sophomore Success Program prior to this survey?

* 2. If yes, how did you first hear about the Sophomore Success Program?

* 3. What did you find the most challenging about your first year in college?

* 4. In what ways, do you think the Sophomore Success Program could help you with the challenge described above?

* 5. What are you most excited about or looking forward to for your sophomore year?

Be a star! As a Sophomore Star you will attend sophomore specific programming, engage with faculty in your major and even have the opportunity to plan events for your peers.

* 6. Are you interested becoming a Sophomore Star? If yes, please leave your name and ODU email below. Liz Boyd, Coordinator of Second-Year Programs, will follow-up with you through email.

* 7. Please list your name and email below if you would like to enter in the raffle for a chance to win a prize from the Sophomore Success program.