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The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is currently seeking physicians to bring their knowledge, skills, and expertise to CPSO Committees. CPSO is interested in physicians who can contribute a broad range of diversity attributes, technical skills, and behavioural competencies to meet the needs of our Committees.
Individual Committee members are not expected to possess all desirable attributes, skills, and competencies.  Your answers will be used to determine whether you possess the skills needed for individual, specific roles the CPSO is currently recruiting for.  In lieu of a cover letter, the following survey will assess your interest in and suitability for a CPSO Committee. You will be able to pause during the survey and restart at a later time if you wish. If you would like to review the survey in advance, you can access a copy here.  
At the end of the survey, you will also be asked to upload a current CV.
Please note that after you complete this survey, CPSO staff may access your information in our database (including your mailing address and telephone number) in order to process your application. It may also retain your application in accordance with CPSO policy for the purpose of recruiting for future Committee vacancies. The information you share in this survey will strictly be used for recruitment purposes, and only relevant CPSO staff will have access to the information you provide as needed.
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