Do you use soft play centres in or around Aberdeen? Would you be willing to help a fellow mum with a bit of market research?

Your help will be very much appreciated and it really won't take more than a couple of minutes. It's all confidential - I promise I won't sell your details to anyone else!

If you're willing to take part in further research please fill in your email address at the end of the survey. You never know, the next stage could be as simple and appealing as a chat with like-minded mums over a glass or two of wine!

* 1. Are there any children in your household and if so, how many and what age are they?

  0 1 2 3 4 +
No children in my household
Under the age of 2
Aged 2-4
Aged 5-8
Aged 9-12
Aged 13+

* 2. Which of the following soft play centres in or around Aberdeen have you visited, and how frequently do you go there? (please complete each line)

  I've never been I've only been once/twice I've been a number of times I go there regularly
Fuzzy Ed's (Cocket Hat, Anderson Drive)
Brewster's (Portlethen)
KC Kangaroos (Berryden)
Rambo's (Codona's, Beach)
Hoodles (Old Meldrum)
Soft Bear Centre (Strachan)
Ceramic Experience (Broomhill Road)
Dizzy Rascals (Laurencekirk)
Cammies (Cammachmore)
Other (please specify below)