Business Services and Training requirements

Allen Ward Associates believe in providing services that add value to the customer and to do so we would like to know more about what support services our potential customers may need to help them reach their full potential.

To do this we would be very grateful if you could complete the 9 questions that form this on-line survey so we can invest in ways that will help individuals and businesses prepare for their future.

* 1. Do you think you may need some services offered by Allen Ward Associates: if so please indicate which services and when you likely to need them:

* 2. If you think you may require Business Services please indicate your business size and sector:

* 3. How could we help you develop your business:

* 4. If you are interested in enhancing your personal skills or those within a business area, which of the following training sessions are you most likely to undertake:

* 5. What time is best for you to do training:

* 6. Where would you like to do this training:

* 7. Have you undertaken distance learning:

* 8. Would you be interested in having a 'Mentor or Life Coach' to support you with your continuous personal development:

* 9. Would you like someone to contact you to discuss your individual requirements:

We understand that your time is valuable so we really do appreciate the time you have taken to complete this survey.