Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular Activities

The next Superintendent's Circle will discuss extra-curricular activities and sports. You opinions on this topic are important. If you could take a minute or two to give us your thoughts. We appreciate your time and responses to the questions below.
1.I am a:
2.My child (or I) attend:
3.Do you believe extra-curricular activities (clubs and athletic teams) are important for students?
4.Why or why not?
5.Do you believe that Allegheny Valley offers a good mix of club activities and athletics for students?
6.Why or why not?
7.Does your child (or do you) know all of the options for activities in his/her/your building?
8.Do you believe there is enough communication about extra-curricular options for you/r child?
9.Are there questions that you have about extra-curricular activities/sports?
10.Anything else you would like to add concerning extra-curricular activities/ahtletics in our schools?