We are seeking your feedback on a number of topics to gauge residents’ level of satisfaction and to help the Board determine what areas to focus on to better serve our community.  We ask that you take the few minutes and provide your responses. There is also space for you to describe any other thoughts you may wish us to consider. 

With your responses, and the responses of your neighbors, we hope to get the guidance needed to ensure that you and your family are receiving the maximum value and enjoyment from being members of this community.

* 1. What issues do you want to see the HOA become more actively involved?

* 2. What HOA Rules and/or Regulations require better enforcement? 


* 3. How do you feel about the HOA Rules and/or Regulations?

* 4. How can the Board of Directors better serve the community’s interest?
How can the Board of Directors better serve the community’s interest?

* 5. What can the Board of Directors do to better understand residents' needs to ensure that they are being fairly represented?

* 6. Please list what type of service/amenities you would be willing to pay higher HOA dues for.

* 7. Please list any new recreational amenities would you like to see.


* 8. What type of community events/activities would you like to see?

* 9. How satisfied are you with the appearance of the common area and individual homes within Sycamore Creek?

* 10. What is your biggest frustration about Sycamore Creek?

* 11. What is your overall opinion of the Sycamore Creek Community?