We'd like your feedback on what themes you'd like to see the museum explore in the future.

* 1. Please write 1 or 2 words that come to mind when you think of naval aviation. 

* 2. What sort of things do you want to learn about when you visit the National Naval Aviation Museum? Please rate each on a scale from 1 (not interested) to 5 (most interested).

  Not interested at all (1) A little bit interested (2) Somewhat interested (3) Very interested (4) Most interested (5)
Small artifacts and archival material (e.g. uniforms and photographs)
Research and development of technologies used in naval aviation
Personal stories of aviation personnel
What naval aviation does today
Types of missions (e.g. recon, attack, patrol, etc.)
How the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard work with each other
Preparing for flight (e.g. qualifications to become an aviator, length of training, support personnel roles)
The founding of naval aviation (e.g. first flights, first pilots)

* 3. What other subjects, not mentioned above, would you like to learn about at the museum?

* 4. Have you served (or are you currently serving) in the military?