Background and Process Description

This online survey is being used to engage Expert Panelists in Professional Planning to review core competencies for the profession in Canada.

The Opportunity
Canadian planning competencies are under review, with the goal of developing a national consensus on the core competencies for the profession. Qualified individuals are now invited to participate in an “Expert Panel”, as part of a critical validation process of the competencies. The consultation will be using a Delphi engagement process and will commence early in February 2021.

Brief Description of the Delphi Process
The Delphi method uses a group of participants (known as panelists) selected for their particular expertise on a topic. Using an online platform, the Delphi will be conducted across a series (known as ‘Rounds’) of two or three sequential questionnaires for the purpose of building consensus.

Each Round is open for participation for one week. The same Expert Panelists participate in all Rounds. Participants will be provided with the grouped (anonymous) responses of all panelists from the previous round and are then asked to re-evaluate their original responses.

Key informant interviews have already been used for an initial ‘ideas generation’ phase to identify the range of relevant issues surrounding the Planners competencies. The generated ideas will be reflected in the Delphi process.

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