1. New Client Evaluation and Acceptance Process (Apply Now.) 

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100% of survey complete.

* 1. Did any specific person and/or firm refer you to us? If so, who?

* 2. How significant are the following challenges?

  Not significant Slightly significant Significant Very significant Extremely significant
Engagement / Getting more done with fewer people / Controlling labor costs
Increasing revenue/Sales
Drama and conflict between employees and supervisors
Work quality
Hiring/Firing mistakes (frequency, severity & costs)
Speed & cost of recruiting
Unwanted employee turnover
Theft (fake injuries, time, expense accounts, products, etc)
Training time and expenses
Career path/Succession planning to prepare people in advance

* 3. Contact Information:

* 4. What best describes the scope of your responsibility?

* 5. What is your industry/business purpose?

(beverage distribution, retail furniture, banking, commercial printing, etc.)

* 6. How many employees do you have?

* 7. How many locations does your company have?

* 8. Approximately how many of your employees are in salaried, non-sales positions?

* 9. Approximately how many salespeople does your company have?

* 10. Please estimate the projected number of "new hires" likely to fill the following positions in the next 12 months.