The INTEGRIS Health Partners (IHP) network creates a collaboration and closely aligned working relationship for primary care physicians and specialists. Each physician works toward the same goal, to improve quality of care for shared patients and reduce costs for all.  The physicians participating in the network collaborate within their specialties to identify and adopt specific clinical measures and best practice guidelines. In return, participating physicians are eligible to obtain financial rewards for their clinical outcomes and cost control achievements, funded by contracted health plans and employers as well as INTEGRIS Health. 

All questions in this survey are in reference to INTEGRIS Health Partners, not INTEGRIS Medical Group or INTEGRIS Health.

Thank you for participating in the INTEGRIS Health Partners survey. Your feedback is very important.

NOTICE: This survey needs to be completed by January 10, 2021. Completion is required in order to participate in any shared savings payout. To receive credit, please give us your name, email and phone number at the end of the survey.

All results will be tabulated and presented in a summary format to ensure the confidentiality of your response.

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* 1. How are you contracted with INTEGRIS Health Partners?

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* 2. Overall, have you been satisfied with your participation in INTEGRIS Health Partners?

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* 3. Do you understand the goals of INTEGRIS Health Partners?

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* 4. How satisfied are you with INTEGRIS Health Partners physician leadership (INTEGRIS Health Partners Board)?