* 1. Do your child(ren) currently participate in Christ's Kids Club ?

* 2. What age(s) are your child(ren)? Check all that apply.

* 3. What factors influence your decision about participation?

* 4. How likely is it that your child(ren) will attend CKC as it is currently?

* 5. What times would work best for your family?
Please rank these days and times in your order of preference with one being the best time for your family. You should omit ranking any times that would not work for your family.

* 6. How frequently would you like CKC to meet?

* 7. How likely is it that you and your child(ren) would participate in any form of children’s or family ministry here at First Presbyterian?

* 8. What type of children’s or family programming would you like to see in place here at First Presbyterian Church?