1. Advertising for the Art & Design Fields

* 1. In what state do you primarily do business?

* 2. Please select your general profession(s): (choose all that apply)

* 3. When promoting your business and/or art, approximately how much do you spend on advertising and marketing each...

* 4. What method(s) do you use currently use to advertise and promote your business and/or art? (choose all that apply)

* 5. Your business and/or art would be ideally advertised using: (choose one)

* 6. What price per month would you pay for a service that provides the ideal way of advertising your art or business?

* 7. If you were advertising your art/business online and had several promotional tools available, which monthly price point would you choose:

* 8. Additional comments?

* 9. Thank you for participating! If you would be willing to take part in future research, please include your email address below.