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100% of survey complete.

* 1. Within the spectrum of blogging and blogging-related activities, which do you partake in?

* 2. If you are the sole author of a blog, how many years have you been doing professional-level blogging?

* 3. What is your blog(s) URL(s)?

* 4. Which one of the following topics would the majority of the blog content you develop mostly fit into? *(Skip this question if you do not participate in developing blog content.)

* 5. Do you accept advertising on your blog(s)?

* 6. If you do accept advertising, is it:

* 7. Based on how you answered the previous question, what is(are) your reason(s) for having advertising or for not having advertising?

* 8. When a blog has advertisers on its blog, how does that affect how credible you find that particular blog?

* 9. If bloggers include Google Adwords into their blog, how does that affect how credible you find the blog?

* 10. What standards (if any) should a blogger apply towards his or her blog advertising?