* 1. At what age(s) did you begin to "go off the derech"?
Feel free to write at length.

* 2. What would you describe as the main reasons you became OTD?
(This survey is anonymous. Please try to answer as honestly as possible.)

* 3. If you have criticisms about Orthodox Judaism, what are they? And were they a part of your decision to become OTD?

* 4. What is your position on: The existence of G-d(s), The existence of an after-life (including reward-and-punishment), the divine origin and nature of the Torah, the existence of something "spiritual"?
(Feel free to include any other issues. This is merely a way to gauge "how" OTD someone is.)

* 5. How open are you about being OTD today? In the past? Has this been an issue for you?

* 6. Has your relationship with others (e.g. Family, Friends, Teachers) influenced your decision, either to stay religious or to become OTD? And if so, how? (For example: by providing a welcoming or unwelcoming environment.)

* 7. How would you describe your religious upbringing? (e.g. Family's religiosity, yeshiva's - if applicable - religiosity, etc.)

* 8. Would you describe your religious upbringing or experiences as being significantly different from that of your still-religious peers? If so, how?

* 9. What is the highest level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received?

* 10. Are there any assumptions about OTD Jews which you, based on your experience and knowledge, would like to correct?