Islamic Arts Festival 2018 is over: Now lets brainstorm on how we can improve it for next year!

Assalam O Alaikum,
When individuals commits themselves to volunteer, they have chosen to give up their own time to support an activity to benefit others.IAS volunteers are selfless individuals that sacrifice their time for the benefit of others. Time is something we cannot create, accumulate, acquire, buy or even borrow. It is a very precious commodity.

It was my great pleasure and honor to work with all of the volunteers, artists and board members. On behalf of the IASH Board of Directors,I want to express my gratitude to all Islamic Arts Festival 2018 volunteers. Thanks for a great festival!

One last task and probably the most important one is to share our experiences so we can make the Islamic Arts Festival better next year. This is how we learn from our mistakes and build upon the things we did right. Please take this short survey and be as candid as possible.

Note: If you are a visitor to our festival, your feedback is most welcome. It is you that we we work so hard to impress. Please do leave us your feedback so we can serve you better.

Thank you,
On behalf of the IAS board, Ather Jamil.