Well, hello.

Since our founding in 2015, the people who make up AfterShock Comics have taken great care to reach out and connect in meaningful ways with those who keep the engine of the comics industry running – comic shop retailers.

You know who we mean (if you didn’t, we doubt you’d be here) – the folks who, week after week, decide which comics to feature in their stores, how many of each to order, which to promote and which to recommend to their customers (often incorporating hand-selling). And those customers are comic fans of every level of enthusiasm and engagement, from casual reader to Wednesday Warrior.

Personal contact – visiting and spending time with retailers in their stores – has been a key component of our success. But we can’t be everywhere at the same time. Certainly not as often as we and our retail partners would like. And there are more stores out there that we still need to connect with for the first time.

That’s where you might come in. We’re looking for at least 30 highly-motivated self-starters yet team players to join us in doing what we’ve been doing so well with and for comic shops – and help us build on that success.