* 1. What is your usual mode of transportation on weekends?

* 2. What is your usual mode of transportation on weekdays?

* 3. What would encourage you to reduce your use of personal, gas-powered vehicles and increase use of other types of transport?

* 4. If the choice "Electric car charging station" was important to you, where would you like to see one installed?

* 5. If you chose "other" as one of your top three choices, please provide your thoughts below.

* 6. Please rank the following environmental issues in terms of their importance to you.

* 7. If the choice "other" was in your top three, please provide your thoughts.

* 8. Would you like to know more about how to lower your energy bills and make your house, apartment or condo more energy efficient?

* 9. Would you like to know more about how to purchase renewable energy?

* 10. What kind of activities do you think would support local businesses in our community? Please choose any you believe are important.

* 11. The City recently adopted a Safe Grow Ordinance, restricting pesticide use on lawns. How would you like the City to share information about the law and safer alternatives to conventional lawn pesticides?

* 12. Are you interested in participating in a food waste composting program?

* 13. If the city pursues establishing a community garden, would you personally seek a plot?

* 14. Given space constraints in the City, should the community garden be just for low income residents, for seniors, and/or for all?

* 15. Do you think the City should add more open space, or make existing space more accessible (trails, recreation), or is the current situation adequate?

* 16. Do you have any suggestions about addressing the environmental issues in Question 6, above? Please be specific.

* 17. Of existing programs and actions developed by the City and/or its residents to improve the environment, which do you think are most effective? What do you think the City does best to protect the environment?

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