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33 Creative have been engaged by the Australian Government Department of Health to support communications activities to help keep mob safe from coronavirus (COVID-19).

This survey aims to gather feedback on how effective campaign materials have been in reaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities. The survey is designed to gather responses from members of the community, stakeholders and community groups including Aboriginal Health Services and media organisations.

The results of the survey will help to inform future communications activities for delivering key messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. A report on recommendations and lessons learned will be provided to the Department of Health.

All individual responses are confidential and will not be shared publicly. The collation of the results for the report to the Department of Health will be de-identified.

We’d love to get as much feedback as possible, please forward this survey to your friends and family or other people in your community or organisation.

The survey will be open for two weeks, closing on 3 September. The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete.

We appreciate your input and support to continue to keep our mob safe.
About 33 Creative

33 Creative is a First Nations owned and managed communications, events and media company. We are based in Sydney and have staff located in regional and rural areas. We work nationally and have more than 20 years’ experience working with community across public relations, communications and design, events, film and video and research and evaluation.

The campaign was developed to support key health information and messages to be shared with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, using a national hashtag #keepourmobsafe.

The campaign included regular eNewsletters, audio and video messages from community, radio advertisements, posters and information booklets and social media content.

This survey will ask you about the Keep our Mob Safe resources. You can view the full campaign products here.

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Let's get started

Introduction Questions
A bit about you (Remember your answers are confidential and will not be shared).

Where are you currently living?

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* 1. Name of community

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* 3. Do you work in a role that shares information about COVID-19 with the community?

Information Channels
Help us understand where you access information about COVID-19.

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* 4. Where did you first go for information about COVID-19?

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* 5. Did they have information that was useful?

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* 6. Where or who else provides information about COVID-19 in your area that you access?

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* 7. What information was most helpful to you or your community during COVID-19?
Why was it helpful?

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* 8. Was there any information you needed that you didn’t receive?
If yes, what did you need?

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* 9. What is the biggest challenge you faced or continue to face during COVID-19?

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* 10. Where do you go for COVID-19 information now, how do you stay informed?

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* 11. Are you a:

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