1. HP E-Delivery Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for visiting HP's Software Download Center. This is a worldwide web service for the real time delivery of HP software products. This short survey seeks to measure your experience and satisfaction with HP's software distribution process. The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

The survey is conducted by HP through surveymonkey.com, a Safe Harbor certified company. Data collected via the survey will be used solely for the purposes of improving services and will not be used for sales or marketing purposes. You can review HP's privacy policy using the link at the bottom of this invitation.

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Thank you very much for your participation! We greatly appreciate your feedback and thoughtful suggestions.

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* 1. Which software products have you purchased? (please check all that apply)

* 2. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Electronically Delivered Software Orders from HP.

  Completely satisfied Very satisfied Satisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Dissatisfied NA
Ease of ordering
Confirmation email received after order was placed
Navigation to the software
Software download process
License key redemption process
Overall customer experience

* 3. What type of delivery mode do you prefer?

* 4. How often have you ordered electronically delivered software products from HP?

* 5. How did you order the software?

* 6. Overall, what do you like about ordering software electronically from HP? Mark all that apply:

* 7. Let us know how we can improve the ordering, navigation and software download experience.

* 8. Which region are you from?

* 9. Please select the size of the company you work for.

* 10. What is your function?

* 11. Please provide any additional information about what you appreciated about the HP Electronic Software delivery process or how the process can be improved. Also, please provide your e-mail address if you would like HP to contact you directly.