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What are your top traffic safety concerns?

Frontier Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is committed to improving transportation safety to reduce the risk of death and serious injury. As a result, Frontier MPO is developing a Local Roads Safety Plan and seeks your input.


In the past 5 years, traffic fatalities and injuries on rural 2-lane highways and local roads are trending upwards within the Frontier MPO boundary area. In the Van Buren, Crawford County region alone, from 2015-2018, local road crashes increased by 300%.  By working closely together with our regional, state, and federal partners, Frontier MPO’s fundamental aim is to ameliorate fatalities and serious injuries through the prioritization of roadway safety improvements that are specific to our region’s local concerns and needs – especially in rural Crawford and Sebastian counties.


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* 1. What are your top three traffic safety concerns in the region?

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* 2. What is your zip code?

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* 3. What type of organization do you represent?

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