History & Nomination Procedure

On February 22, 2016 the IACCT Honorary Trustee Award was renamed the Larry H. Ebbers Award to recognize Dr. Ebbers’ many years of outstanding contribution to the betterment of the Iowa Community Colleges over his 50 years at Iowa State University, particularly his work as a University Professor of educational leadership and policy studies, the co-director of the Community College Leadership Program, and director of the Community College Leadership Consortium and the Leadership in the New Century focused on leadership development for mid-and upper-level administrators in Community Colleges. 

This Award will recognize and exclusive group of non-Trustee individuals who demonstrate statewide contributions to Community Colleges as well as strong leadership for the Community College mission.

Nomination Procedure:

1. An IACCT Board member nominates an individual.

2. The IACCT Board member making the nomination will work with the Awards Committee and will provide a brief report/letter about the nominee and his/her contributions to Iowa’s Community Colleges. 

3. The IACCT Board will vote on awarding the IACCT Honorary Trustee Special Award at the time of the nomination.  The brief report/letter will be shared at the time of the vote.

4. The Award is presented when the criteria for the Award are met in the discretion of the IACCT Board, and therefore may not be presented every year.

5. Should the criteria for the Award be met and, in the discretion of the IACCT Board, the circumstances warrant it, the Award may be presented to more than one nominee in a single year.

6. The Award will follow the annual IACCT Awards timeline.

7. The Award will be presented at the IACCT Annual Meeting.

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