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1. The herpes zoster vaccine is best described as a:

2. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends administering the herpes zoster vaccine beginning at age:

3. Which of the following is the proper way to store herpes zoster vaccine?

4. The herpes zoster vaccine can be safely given to all of the following patients except:

5. In considering giving the herpes zoster vaccine to a grandmother who is now caring for a newborn, the vaccine should be given:

6. When is the ideal time to administer the herpes zoster vaccine for a patient who currently has shingles?

7. A frequent serious long-term consequence of herpes zoster infection is:

8. Compared to ACIP recommendations, the FDA recommends administering the herpes zoster vaccine:

9. Administration of the herpes zoster vaccine should be deferred if the patient cannot remember whether he/she received the vaccine in the past.

10. A healthy person who received the herpes zoster vaccine at 62 years of age should receive a booster shot: