Welcome to the Lavit User Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important. 

Lavit is bringing to the market a new cold beverage system. The Lavit Beverage System provides cold still, cold sparkling, and cold beverages of your choosing upon demand.

We have developed our Lavit beverages to be healthy alternatives to high sugar dinks. Our beverages are all sugar free, contain 10 calories or less, have natural flavors and colors, are preservative free, and are packed with a number of added minerals and vitamins.

Your feedback will help us improve our beverages, dispenser, and user experience. This survey is designed to gather your input about the overall Lavit experience. Please submit this form at least once and again as many times as you would like to share further comments with us.

A separate survey form is available to provide us feedback on individual beverages that you have tried. Please feel free to submit as many beverage feedback forms that you can. We need your input to create great beverages for you.

Thank you for participating.

The Lavit Product Development Team