1. Questions

Please read the following assertions and indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with each assertion.

* 1. "Disclosure of social and environmental performance should be made mandatory for public companies"

* 2. "If civil society groups want more accountability and transparency from corporations, they must be more accountable and transparent themselves"

* 3. If you were to consider for a moment all the criteria you use when deciding to purchase a car (ie. price, quality, size, etc.) how important a factor would it be to you that the vehicle parts were manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible manner?

* 4. "While many people say they would pay more for products or services from socially responsible companies, in reality few people really would pay more."

* 5. "Companies that take leadership on CSR issues are just asking for trouble. It's better to sit back, fly under the radar and slowly follow the pack."

* 6. "CSR or Sustainability Reports will not have a shred of credibility for NGOs and other stakeholders if they are not independently verified using a generally accepted audit or assurance framework"

* 7. "Governments should avoid purchasing good or services from companies that have a poor record of social responsibility."

* 8. "If international trade agreements had enforceable provisions to protect the environment, protect workers from unsafe working conditions and stop human rights abuses, more people would support free trade and globalization."

* 9. "Credible organizational certification schemes such as ISO 9000 ( on Quality Management)  would be useful for businesses who want to demonstrate their social and environmental bona fides in their operations and supply chains."

* 10. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed upon by world leaders in 2015 as a framework for government, civil society and the private sector to tackle the world's most pressing social and environmental issues. What in your opinion is the most difficult challenge for the private sector preventing them from effectively contributing to the SDGs? (Choose best response)